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Our professional expertise, plus our knowledge of local health care and assisted living facilities, enable us to make the best recommendations for you and your family. "We take this personally. You are not just a zip code or an open bed. We use information from the assessment and information you provide to find a senior living option that will meet your care needs and other preferences."…Brenda Teverbaugh. We know the owners, staff and other residents at most facilities. We find you a place where you will be comfortable and fit in. Here are definitions for the types of facilities we may recommend for you:

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)

RCFE is the official licensing category for facilities that fall between being at home and needing a medical facility or a Skilled Nursing Facility. We only work with licensed RCFE’s. RCFE’s come in many forms and many have expertise in dementia and/or hospice care.This category includes small homes, as well as large residential care facilities, and Assisted Living Communities. RCFE’s physical plant and staff must be approved by the State of California.

 Board and Care Homes  Larger Residential Care Facilities   Assisted Living Communities
Board and Care homes are single family residences that have been converted to care homes. They usually care for 4–8 residents. Close supervision is provided.
Facilities can be any size, but usually those that are not a single family home are known as residential care facilities.

Assisted Living Communities provide seniors with their own apartments, but care is coordinated by the facility. Residents eat in a central dining room. Amenities usually include transportation and a wide range of activities.  

Independent Living/ Retirement Communities   Skilled Nursing Facilities
Independent Living and Retirement Communities are not licensed, as they are not providing individual care. They often provide meals, housekeeping services, activities and transportation, but not personal care.
Skilled Nursing Facilities, (SNF) are medical facilities licensed to provide specific medical care, such as wound care, rehabilitation, IVs, etc. These are licensed separately from RCFE’s. 

Dementia Facilities


Multi–level Facilities

Facilities that have been specially designed to address the challenges of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive loss.
 Certain senior facilities have more than one level of care available in the same facility. Residents can change to other levels of care in the same building or facility as their needs change.



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